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Best Vacuums For Pet Hair 2023

May 14, 2024

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No matter how much you love your cat or dog, pet hair can be a hassle to clean: it clings tightly to surfaces, sticks to clothes and can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Which is why, it’s handy to have one of the best pet vacuums in your cleaning arsenal. After seven days of testing 10 vacuums on various surfaces and analyzing factors like portability, functionality and suction power, I found that the Dyson v15 Detect is the absolute best vacuum overall for cleaning pet hair.

After hours of rigorously testing 10 vacuums, I found the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away Upright ... [+] Vacuum, Kenmore Pet Friendly POP-N-GO Bagged Canister Vacuum and Dyson V15 Cordless Stick Vacuum to be the best vacuums for pet hair.

Pet owners know that cleaning pet hair must be done frequently, and the convenience and portability of the v15 Detect makes it easy to vacuum every single day. The cordless vacuum has supremely strong suction, an anti-tangle brush and a laser light that lets you spot and detect even the most dug-in, camouflaged hairs. If you’re looking for an affordable vacuum that’s specifically designed to clean pet hair from hard-to-reach spaces, the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is a great buy for its efficiency, strong suction power and incredible value. (You can read our in-depth reviews of the Dyson V15 Detect and Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum for more details, too).

Although any good canister, stick or robot vacuum can pick up pet hair, having a dedicated machine designed for the task can make the process of cleaning your home much more efficient and streamlined. Vacuums for pet hair differ from standard vacuums in a variety of ways—some have a HEPA filter that’s ideal for dealing with pet hair and dander, while some have specially-designed bristles that are resistant to tangling. Either way, the best vacuums for pet hair should effectively suck up hair from hardwood floors, carpet and furniture without getting tangled or clogged in the process.

Read on for details about the best vacuums for pet hair, according to my rigorous testing process.


Style: Stick | Bin size: 0.2 gallons | Battery life: 60 minutes | Weight: 6.8 pounds | HEPA filter: Yes | Attachments included: Laser cleaner head, hair screw tool, combination tool, stubborn dirt brush, docking station, digital motorbar, crevice tool, mini soft dusting brush, wand clip, charger

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Out of all the pet hair vacuums that I tested, the Dyson v15 Detect strikes an unbeatable balance between power, convenience, portability and strength. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and the suction remained strong on every surface I tested it on. This is a cordless stick vacuum from the U.K.-based manufacturer that offers specific features like an anti-tangle brush head and laser brush head that makes cleaning hair easier. The laser brush head illuminates even microscopic dirt and debris, so you easily see what you’re sucking up. I found this to be particularly helpful when cleaning the pet hair in my home—my dog’s hair is a light tan, and my hardwood floors are light brown. That means a lot of hair blends into the floor, so I often skip right over the hair when vacuuming in the day and don’t see it until I turn the lights on later at night.

In contrast, the laser brush head illuminated all the hair I didn’t know I was missing. Though some vacuums I tested—like the Bissell ICON Pet Turbo Edge—had a convenient light on the suction head, this is the only vacuum that projects a laser light at a specific angle to illuminate microscopic particles. Additionally, the hair screw tool worked perfectly on all surfaces for both natural and artificial hair. During my testing, a lot of the vacuums struggled to pick up the longer, artificial pet hair (it got stuck in the bristles of most other vacuums), the cone-shaped screw tool effortlessly sucked it up. Nothing got stuck in the brush head and the attachment was easy to click on and off with one hand.

The Dyson v15 Detect's laser brush head illuminates even microscopic dirt and debris, so you easily ... [+] see what you’re sucking up.

This vacuum proved to have some of the strongest suction power of all the models that I tested. In fact, I could tell how strong it is by its ability to pick up even the tiniest of particles. For example, there has been some glitter stuck in between my floorboards from my daughter’s Halloween costume that I haven’t been able to suck up with my normal vacuum. The Dyson v15 Detect immediately sucked up the tiny bits of glitter with ease. The digital motorbar brush head has an anti-tangle comb that helps clear hair. While other products that I tested couldn’t handle the amount of hair I was sucking up, this one had no issue with both the natural hair and the artificial hair. When vacuuming the hardwood floor, I could see the pet hair that was stuck in cracks or crevices was sucked up easily. The same goes for low-pile carpet and upholstered furniture. I often find that my dog’s hair gets dug into the fibers in the carpet and the stitching on my couch, so it’s not always easy to get out. The Dyson v15 sucked out even the most dug-in natural and artificial dog hair using both the standard brush head, the crevice tool and the upholstery attachment.

The cordless functionality makes it magnificently portable, and at less than seven pounds, this is the most convenient vacuum I tested. After charging it initially for four hours, the battery lasted for up to 60 minutes. The long run time, cordless functionality and lightweight body mean this is a vacuum I wouldn’t mind using daily. I was able to vacuum the entire downstairs of my house—about seven rooms and two long hallways—twice before I ran out of battery life. The bin holds 0.2 gallons (which is the same as the similar Dyson v10 Animal model) and is easy to empty and clean. I love how this vacuum can easily be converted to a handheld machine just by unplugging the arm and plugging the attachments directly into the head. That means I can dust my crown moldings and vacuum my upholstered couch with the ease and convenience of a handheld vacuum. This model comes with a two year limited warranty that includes repairs and replacements. Dyson stated that if a model is used the way it’s intended and still breaks down within the two year period, the brand will collect the machine (free of charge) and either repair it or replace it entirely. Parts—like batteries—are also covered under the two year warranty.

One small inconvenience I encountered while vacuuming is that you have to hold the trigger down throughout the entire process. In most vacuums you simply flip a switch on or off, but with this model you have to keep your finger on the trigger button for the entire time it’s in use. This put a strain on my hand and wrist after a long period of continuous vacuuming, but I didn’t notice any issues when vacuuming small spaces or one or two rooms.


Style: Upright | Bin size: 0.25 gallons | Battery life: Corded | Weight: 12.5 pounds | HEPA filter: Yes | Attachments included: Upholstery tool, crevice tool

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While many of the vacuums I tested come with a high price tag, the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is surprisingly affordable. This is a corded upright vacuum that comes equipped with two attachments, and it’s specifically designed to vacuum pet hair from carpet, wood floors and furniture. Throughout my testing it proved to be efficient, functional and strong, which makes it an incredible value for the price. In fact, it was the strongest and most efficient vacuum of all the affordable models that I tested.

This vacuum has a unique design that makes it perfect for cleaning up pet hair. The body and bin of the vacuum conveniently lifts away from the base. It acts as a detachable pod that transforms the larger vacuum into a more portable option, taking the cord and accessory arm with it. This feature makes it more lightweight and easy to maneuver than other corded vacuums I tested. Once detached, you can carry around the smaller pod to access the hard-to-reach places that pet hair tends to accumulate the most. I found this to be particularly useful when vacuuming my stairs—my dog’s hair always accumulates in the corners of the stairs and around the spindles of my banister, and being able to lift the vacuum and tote it with me while the base stays in place was very convenient. This design feature adds a layer of portability that you don’t often find in a corded vacuum. When the body of the vacuum is clicked into the base, it swivels from side to side so you can easily vacuum underneath furniture without the body getting in the way. The head of the vacuum stays flat on the floor while the body moves side to side. It’s lightweight, and the entire thing is easy to carry and push back and forth. I found the vacuum to have strong suction on all surfaces, and it efficiently picked up both types of hair without any of it getting tangled in the brush head.

Eddie, my German Shepherd and Hound mix stands with the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright ... [+] Vacuum that's specifically designed to vacuum pet hair from carpet, wood floors and furniture.

This vacuum has a large bin size which means you don’t have to empty it as frequently. Both the crevice tool and the upholstery tool worked perfectly well on all surfaces, and I found the upholstery tool to be particularly good at cleaning out the pet hair that was stuck into the stitching on my couch. Although I loved how efficiently each attachment worked, I felt that the attachment arm could’ve been longer. It’s an accordian-style, extendable arm that measures anywhere from 20 to 42 inches. Given my height, I found myself hunching over a lot while using the accessory arm, which eventually put a strain on my back.

Shark offers a five year limited warranty for this vacuum, which means that the product and any parts can be repaired or replaced for up to five years after the original purchase date. However, the machine must be purchased through an authorized retailer—like Amazon or Target—in order to qualify for the warranty.


Style: Canister | Bin size: 0.25 gallons | Battery life: Corded | Weight: 22.6 pounds | HEPA Filter: Yes | Attachments included: Dusting brush, pet PowerMate attachment, long crevice tool, bare floor brush

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For a particularly efficient and streamlined vacuum, look to the Kenmore Pet Friendly Pop-N-Go Bagged Canister Vacuum. Though this is a corded model, all of the attachments can be stored within the body of the vacuum and the cord easily retracts for simple storage. It has a special mode and designated attachment that helps keep wood floors clean and shiny. This vacuum has wide, sturdy wheels that make it easy to tote around, and the extendable arm means you can reach under furniture and deep into corners without hunching over. In fact, the vacuum itself has four height options for a more comfortable experience.

The Kenmore BC4026 Pet Friendly Pop-N-Go Bagged Canister Vacuum has vacuum has a manual adjust ... [+] option to increase and decrease suction as needed, a particularly useful feature when you want to increase suction to specifically target that one spot when needed.

I found that I didn’t have to make as many passes over my carpet with this vacuum because its standard brush head is larger than most (it measures almost 15 inches wide, compared to the Shark Navigator Lift-Away’s 11 inches and the Dyson v15 Detect’s 9.75 inches). The suction is strong, and the vacuum performed well on all surfaces. In fact, the vacuum has a manual adjust option to increase and decrease suction as needed. This was particularly useful when tackling specific spots of my home—like the piece of carpet right in front of the back door where my dog normally lays. It’s always covered in dog hair, and I was able to increase suction to specifically target that one spot when needed.

Most importantly, I loved that this vacuum has a designated mode for vacuuming bare floors. I found the specific hardwood mode to be incredibly efficient for picking up both natural and artificial dog hair. The attachment is cushioned yet flat, so it stays flush against the ground and easily cleans up hairs. The cushioning on the attachment head helps prevent any scratching and gave my floors a buffed, shiny look. In addition to the strong motor head, all of the attachments worked exceptionally well, too. The specially designed pet hair attachment is a smaller, motorized brush roll, which is designed to resist tangling and clogging. When testing, I noticed that the artificial dog hair got a bit tangled in the standard brush head, but when I switched to the pet hair attachment, it sucked it up with no issue whatsoever. It helped get dog hair out of my upholstered furniture, and the dusting brush helped me get tricky dust and dog hair out of the crevices in my crown molding.

Unlike many bagged vacuums, the brand claims it’s allergen sealed, which means the air path is completely sealed so it won’t erupt in a puff of dust when you need to change the bag. “​​An anti-allergen seal is helpful for those with allergies to pets because it can remove the dander that can make allergy sufferers miserable,” say Burgess. All dust and debris stay inside the vacuum and the HEPA filtration system keeps the air allergen-free. Although it comes with a bag, additional bags can be purchased online as well.


Style: Robot | Bin Size: 1.8 gallons | Battery life: 86 minutes | Weight: 7.5 pounds | HEPA Filter: No | Attachments included: None

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If you have a dog or cat who sheds, you know that cleaning up pet hair can seem never ending. That’s why I love a robot vacuum—it’s the perfect hands-off way to perform daily maintenance of pet hair. The Roomba j7+ was by far the most intelligent and efficient of the robot vacuums I tested. It has the ability to make a map of your home, so you can direct it to vacuum certain rooms on command. I tested this functionality thoroughly—once I charged the product and downloaded the corresponding app, the robot worked its way through the downstairs of my home, getting to know the space and developing a map. From there, I could create specific cleaning projects—like “clean the dining room” and “clean the playroom”—and execute them from my phone. The vacuum effectively found the rooms I told it to clean, and proceeded to vacuum easily and efficiently. I tested this on carpet and hardwood, and it sucked up both natural and artificial dog hair without any issue. I didn’t notice any tangling in the brush head, and it had the battery life to clean the entire downstairs of my home without needing to charge or empty the bin. “The vacuums my clients seem to like the most are robotic vacuums, especially if they have multiple pets, because the vacuum keeps up with the fur every day,” said Dr. Savageau.

The iRobot Roomba j7+ has the ability to spot and avoid obstacles which is particularly useful in ... [+] homes with dog toys or bed.

Unlike some other robot vacuums, this model also has the ability to spot and avoid obstacles like a cord, pile of pet waste or child’s toy. I found this to be particularly useful in my home, because it meant I didn’t have to pick up my dog’s toys or bed. The vacuum spotted each obstacle and vacuumed around it with no problem. Additionally, it’s able to self-empty the contents of the bin after each cleaning cycle. Once it returns to its charging port, the vacuum automatically empties pet hair into an enclosed bag that should be switched out every 60 days. This is a fantastic feature for anyone looking for a hands-off way to clean their home every day. It’s perfect for busy households that could use some extra attention.

Keep in mind that because this is a robot vacuum, it doesn’t come with any attachments and it can’t climb up stairs or vacuum on top of furniture. The suction also isn’t as strong as some of the other vacuums I tested, so this vacuum is better for daily maintenance rather than deep cleaning.

Eufy RoboVac 8s: This is a fantastic robot vacuum that proved to have strong suction and efficient functionality. However, it couldn’t match the suction power of the Roomba j7+, doesn’t self-empty and it struggled a bit more when navigating through my home. It also does not spit and avoid specific obstacles which means the floors have to be completely bare if you want a deep clean. Overall, it performed well in my tests, and at a more affordable price tag than the Roomba j7+, it could be a great buy for someone looking for a basic robot vacuum to perform daily maintenance.

Shark Rocket Pet Plus Corded Stick Vacuum: This is an efficient machine that's lightweight and convenient to use. Overall, the suction isn't as strong as some of the other models (specifically the Dyson and the Shark Navigator Lift-Away) and the cord means it's not as portable as some of the others. It’s a basic stick vacuum that can help clean up after pets, but overall it lacked the strength and functionality of other models.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum: This is perfect for vacuuming pet hair out of different types of furniture, and it worked better on my furniture than any other model. However, it can't compete with the other vacuums I tested when it comes to tackling wood floors or carpeting, which means it lacks the versatility of other models.

Bissell ICON Pet Turbo Edge: I like how lightweight, convenient and portable this product is, but I noticed that the suction isn’t as strong as the other stick vacuums I tested it against. It has convenient and functional attachments that are easy to use. However, the suction just wasn’t as powerful as the Dyson v15 Detect.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright: This is an incredibly strong vacuum, and was by far the most powerful of all I tested. However, I felt that this product was a bit too large, heavy and cumbersome compared to the competitors. I was exhausted after vacuuming just one room, which meant this vacuum isn’t as portable or convenient as the others.

Dyson Animal V10: This is a fantastic product that worked very similarly to the overall winner, the Dyson v15 Detect. However, it lacked some of the special features—like laser detect and a digital screen—and noticeably wasn’t as strong. If you’re looking for a Dyson model that’s more affordable than the Dyson v15 Detect, this is a great choice.

With an active dog who loves to run, play, shake her coat and jump all over my house, I know how important it is to have an efficient, strong and portable vacuum to keep surfaces clean and fur-free. In order to test the best vacuums for pet hair for use in all areas of the home, I selected 10 of the leading models—including stick, canister, handheld and robot vacuums. I put them to the test vacuuming both natural dog hair and artificial hair. My dog is a mix of German Shepherd and Hound, so her hair is straight, coarse and tan-colored. The artificial rayon fibers I tested the vacuums with mimic the texture and appearance of dogs with softer pet hair like Poodles or Bichons. To start the testing process, I first assessed the comfort and portability of each vacuum. I took weight, dimensions and cord length into mind. I carried each vacuum up and down my staircase twice to evaluate the weight and the comfort of the vacuum’s grip. Next, I considered the height of the vacuum and the length of the extendable arm. I’m 5 feet 10 inches tall, so an extendable arm means I don’t have to hunch over as much when vacuuming under furniture or in hard-to-reach places like the frustratingly-tight space between the refrigerator and cabinets where my dog’s hair always piles up.

In addition to assessing the comfort and portability of each vacuum, I also put them to the test ... [+] vacuuming both natural dog hair and artificial rayon fibers.

The weight of the vacuum is vital in considering portability, but the machine’s cord is by far the most important convenience factor. If a vacuum was corded, I considered how long the cord was and how easily it recoiled for storage. If a vacuum was cordless, I considered how long it took to charge and how many minutes of run time were possible between each charge. In addition to comfort and portability, I also considered how easy the machine was to use, how easy the bin or bag was to empty and how loud each machine was while running.

Additionally, I wanted to see how well each vacuum worked on different surfaces. To do this, I ran each vacuum over my hardwood floor, shag carpet, low-pile carpet and upholstered furniture, listening for stops or sputters, and checking to make sure the vacuum was strong enough to suck up dirt from the cracks in my original hardwood floors. My dog’s hair is constantly spread throughout my entire house, so there was no shortage of natural dog hair for me to vacuum up. However, I also used rayon fibers to mimic the texture of soft dog hair and scattered that throughout the different surfaces of my home, too.

Lastly, I tested out the special features of each vacuum. For the standard stick or canister vacuums, I tested each included attachment and recorded its performance. For the robot vacuums, I tested each vacuum along with the accompanying app to determine how easy or complicated they are to use. In comparison to standard vacuums, pet hair vacuums should have an anti-tangle brush head, long bristles or convenient attachments for dealing with hair, so I made sure to test all of those features as well. For the vacuums that included special features—like the Dyson v15’s laser detect brush head—I tested each to determine how they impacted the machine’s overall performance.

If you have an animal that sheds—like a dog or a cat—pet hair can often feel ubiquitous and never ending, but it doesn’t have to. The right tools can make cleaning up simple and easy. “When you stay on top of it, all your pet’s hair and debris can easily be managed with the right cleaning equipment,” says Michael Silva-Nash, executive vice president of Molly Maid of Greater Little Rock, an international cleaning company that provides housekeeping services to busy families. “For pet hair, opt for a vacuum with a furniture attachment since this is where the pet hair collects most often. If you are dealing with a lot of pet hair, it’s important to look for a model with heavy-duty brushes designed to pick up hair and dander from carpets, furniture and hard-to-reach spots,” he adds. Dr. Nicole Savageau, veterinarian with The Vets, an in-home pet care service based in Austin, agreed that a combination of vacuuming and brushing will help zap hair.

With the expansive range of vacuums available on the market and the constant evolution of technology, buying the best vacuum for pet hair can seem like a tough decision. After a week of rigorous testing and speaking with experts I boiled the shopping criteria down to four main aspects: style, suction power, portability and attachments. All four factors are crucial in ensuring you have a vacuum that’s up to the task of tackling stubborn pet hair.

Just like regular vacuums, pet hair vacuums come in a variety of styles. Depending on your personal preference and the areas of your home you’d like to clean, you can opt for a handheld, stick, bagged canister or robot vacuum. If you’re looking for a hands-off way to achieve daily household maintenance, a robot vacuum will be your best bet. If you have a dog or cat who loves lounging on the couch, a handheld pet hair vacuum would work nicely. If you’re looking for a portable machine you can take up and down the stairs, look for a cordless stick vacuum. “The style of vacuum you choose really depends on the type of flooring you have and the areas you’re trying to reach. An upright does best on carpets, a handheld does great on furniture and canister vacuums are best for tile and wood floors,” says Silva-Nash. Before selecting a vacuum, determine how you plan to use it and how often. That will help you narrow down the options and select the right style for your home.

First and foremost, the vacuum should be strong enough to suck up all kinds of pet hair—long, short, curly or straight. Pet hair is notorious for embedding into upholstered furniture and carpeting, so it’s important to find a vacuum that’s strong enough to suck hair up on the first pass. “​​Vacuums that are best for picking up pet hair have powerful suction, an upholstery attachment and a crevice tool,” says Burgess. “It’s very easy for dirt and hair to wind up between couch cushions making it more challenging to keep your space tidy. Powerful suction can remove embedded dirt and dander from carpets and furniture, which can help keep your home cleaner,” Burgess adds.

Pet owners know that tackling pet hair is a daily battle, so your vacuum should be convenient and easy to use. Before selecting a model, consider where and when you plan to use it. If you live in a multi-story home with sets of stairs, you’ll want to select a vacuum that’s easy to carry. If you plan to vacuum on top of furniture, under beds or high up on curtains, you’ll also want a vacuum that’s lightweight with an extendable arm that can access hard-to-reach places. One particularly important factor to consider is whether or not the vacuum has a cord that plugs into the wall or if it has cordless operation with a rechargeable battery. Cordless vacuums offer unbeatable portability, because you can charge the vacuum while not in use, then carry it around your house with you without it being tethered to a wall.

No matter what style of vacuum you choose, consider what types of attachments are included in your purchase. Some vacuums come with a furniture attachment with long bristles meant for getting hair out of upholstery. Others come with a narrow crevice tool that can get dog hair out of cracks in molding or out from underneath furniture. “There are several different coat types among dog breeds,” said Gail Miller Bisher, Director of Communications at the Westminster Kennel Club. “There are dog breeds with double-coated fur, a soft undercoat close to the skin, and a coarse outer coat. The double-coated breed’s fur is found in “dust bunnies” or small balls around the house and long strands on the furniture. It is easy to vacuum up but seems to be non-stop,” she added. “With short-haired breeds, you may not see the balls of fur on the kitchen floor, but when you vacuum the sofa, you’ll notice that the fur gets embedded in the fabric and takes a bit more effort to clean,” said Bisher. That means, efficient and functional attachments are particularly helpful for vacuuming up pet hair out of different types of surfaces.

As a full-time product reviewer in the home, kitchen and parenting space, I’m always looking for products that help readers run a more efficient, comfortable and clean home. Over the past five years, I’ve tested hundreds of home and cooking tools including air fryers and robot vacuums for Forbes Vetted, and many more for publications including Food Network, Food & Wine and Taste of Home. With a three-year-old German Shepherd mix and a sixteen-month-old toddler I’m no stranger to messes, and no matter how often I clean, it seems like my home is always covered in dog hair. I thoroughly tested each product on this list over the course of seven days in my two story, 2,500 square foot home.

In addition to my professional and personal experience, I also consulted a few animal experts for this piece. I spoke with Gail Miller Bisher, Director of Communications at the Westminster Kennel Club. Bisher is the Fox Sports Dog Show analyst for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show telecast and host of the video series, “The Road to Westminster.” He has lifelong experience in the world of dog sports as a handler, trainer and judge. I also spoke with Michael Silva-Nash, executive vice president of Molly Maid of Greater Little Rock, an international cleaning company that provides housekeeping services to busy families. I consulted Dr. Nicole Savageau, a veterinarian with The Vets, an Austin-based at-home pet care service. She also hosts the Youtube, Instagram and Facebook series “Animal Kid Dom”, which helps teach children about different species of animals and how to care for them. Lastly, I spoke with certified dog trainer Julie Burgess of Senior Tail Waggers, a pet-focused content website run by veterinarian experts. In addition to being a certified dog trainer, Julie has also been a veterinary technician for over 20 years.

Although many vacuums are capable of cleaning up pet hair, having a vacuum that’s specifically designed to clean up pet hair can be helpful. Vacuums for pet hair often have some type of feature—like an anti-tangle brush head, HEPA filter or laser light—that help target and remove pet hair, debris and dander from your home. Many vacuums for pet hair also come with attachments that are specifically designed to clean hair from heavily trafficked areas where pets shed the most like upholstered furniture, for instance. Although it’s not completely essential to have a dedicated vacuum for pet hair, these features certainly make cleaning up after pets much more efficient.

HEPA filters are highly efficient filters that sort out microscopic dust, dirt and dander. In fact, HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. It works by forcing air through a fine mesh filter that helps eliminate harmful allergens from the air. HEPA filters are a particularly good option for someone who has an allergy to pet hair because they help trap and remove microscopic bits of dander that can aggravate allergy symptoms.

Based on our rigorous testing process, the Dyson v15 Detect vacuum stood out as the best vacuum for tackling pet hair on a variety of different surfaces, including carpet and hardwood floors. Plus, the cordless vacuum has supremely strong suction, an anti-tangle brush and a laser light that lets you spot and detect even the most dug-in, camouflaged hairs. As an added bonus, it’s easy to clean the vacuums and empty the bin once you’re done vacuuming.

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